Homestyle Pizza

When I worked in the pizza shop, we had several “specialty” pizzas.  My favorite was this one.  It’s very simple, and it doesn’t have any mozzarella or tomato sauce.  It does, however, have tons of garlic. It occurs to me that I should probably change the name of this blog to “Garlic Freak”.

Pizza Dough

I have an obsession, and I know that many of you have the same one.  No, it’s pizza, what’s wrong with you?  Anyway, the first step to pizza is, of course, the dough.  This is a very simple dough, and it’s not really any different from a bread dough.

Make Your Own Pitas!

Is there anything pita bread can’t do?  You can fill them with delicious toppings, or make pizzas on them.  Turn them into snack chips, or just eat them the way they are.  Sure, pitas are more than readily available in stores, but a fresh pita straight from the oven is on an entire other level.