Hey! It’s Pasta Week!

A subject I’ll talk about a lot is making things from scratch that we usually just buy pre-made. I believe there is a lot of benefit in cooking these things yourself.  Besides the knowledge you gain from making them, you also gain self-confidence in your ability to cook other things.  I hope that some of you have that experience with this week’s recipes.

This week, I’m going to explore cooking with pasta.  There are so many kinds of pasta, and variations of recipes, that I could probably only cover pasta recipes and never run out of material.  This will most certainly be the first of many weeks where I focus on pasta.

Over the next several days we’ll be making fresh pasta, making our own marinara, and more.  Making fresh pasta can be fun, especially if you share the experience with others.  So get your rolling pin ready, tomorrow we’re making pasta dough!

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